Pig Snouts and the Wizard of Oz

Every so often I have some of the most bizarre dreams.  I don’t understand where they come from all the time though I do believe many dreams are a product of the happenings of the day or something that has been on your mind, or maybe even a repressed memory.

In any event I had two very strange dreams last night.

One: I was at a friend’s home/apartment/flat of sorts.  It had a nice old style charm.  Lots of texture, detailed woodwork in the doors, but not too fancy.  He and his girlfriend had recently moved in and were having a gathering of sorts, a nerd party with cards and videogames and the like.  Neil had for whatever reason disappeared and I was wandering around looking for him when I heard strange noises similar to mice crawling about through the walls.  I opened the closet door and there were little evil pig snouts with tiny legs and teeth coming out of a hole in the wall.  Jeremy, the homeowner, yelled and slammed the closet door shut.  Everyone at the gathering began looking for weapons to fend off the pig snouts.  I opened one of the closets to find a hole had been shotgunned and a grate smashed over the top of it with squished pig snouts and guts all over the wall.  And then… I woke up.  And it doesn’t make a lick of sense to me.

Two: My sister was going to be performing in a Wizard of Oz play.  She would be both acting and singing. (She was at one point in a wonderful choir in high school and has sang at church many times).  As she was getting ready she became nervous and wanted to back out.  We finally got her into this large auditorium through the main entrance that patrons take.  We maneuvered through the crowd and finally got her up to where we needed her to be through some back door.  My mom and I went and sat in the crowd.    During her part the top of her dress started to slip down and certain unmentionables were almost fully shown to the entire audience.  Things were picked up, fixed up, and the show went on and ended well.  But things didn’t end.  A man and woman in their 60’s was in the crowd in front of us and interrupted my mom and I and insulted me tremendously.  He kept calling me useless to society and told me my entire generation and all those after are ruining everything.  He called me stupid and in some way shape of form insulted everything I work towards being.

The second dream was probably brought on by a conversation I had earlier in the day.  Neil and I were discussing how some people from our grandparents generation treat younger people like they are stupid and useless.

To all this I say: There are a lot of smart young people out there.  Many are trying to learn more and better themselves day to day.  Respect anyone around you no matter the age, race, or if they are tattooed or pierced.  “Never judge a book by its cover.”  What you find inside of someone, when you give them a chance, could be very surprising.


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